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How to Sync your Facebook Lead Ad in MCM CRM 

Facebook Lead Ad Integration

First, Go to Settings > Integrations you will see a dashboard with the Facebook logo. Click on the connect button, you will see a pop-up redirected to Facebook, asking you which Facebook business page you would like to connect to. (Please note, this similar step-by-step action can be used to integrate an Instagram Business account).

Click Next, select the permission you want to give MCM CRM then click done. Our CRM platform will then request you to choose which Facebook page you would want to link to. This authorizes our system to directly connect with your respective Facebook page – (Please note, you can connect MCM CRM with multiple Facebook Business Pages.)


Set Up Your Lead Ad

Go to your Facebook Business Manager, select your ad account. Create or Duplicate a Lead Generation Ad Campaign. Create a new lead form or use an existing form in your Facebook ad sets. This lead form will be integrated directly with High-level- Zapier integration not required–  click on Publish. Now, in MCM CRM create a new campaign to directly populate new Facebook leads


Set Up Campaigns

Select Create a Campaign, found in the Automation tab. According to your preference, name the campaign, based on your offer or funnel sequence select an Event most conducive for instance, an email, SMS, and many others. For the purpose of this documentation, we will take the example of setting an email campaign. A pop-up will appear where you will be able to input the email subject, body text, and test and view the preview of the email. You can modify the sender section by changing it to represent your name, your brand, or one of your sales representatives in the drop-down box labeled as Campaign Configurations.

To personalize the message, custom values can be inserted, such as {contact. name), {appointment. date), many others.  When the campaign is scheduled, MCM CRM   will automatically populate the respective custom value with your lead’s information.

To activate the campaign, select Published.


Map Form Field and Set- Up Trigger

To connect your Facebook Ad Lead Form, go to Settings > Facebook Form Field Mapping. You will now see all the Lead Forms you have created under your Facebook Ad Account. On the new form created, select Map Fields select all the information would like MCM CRM to extract, for instance, Name, Email, Phone Number or any other question posed in the form useful for business objectives.

Under the Automation tab, go to Trigger > Select Create a Trigger > Trigger Name. The MCM CRM will then ask you to input the answer to two rules.

1st Rule: What should trigger this rule?

In the first drop-down select Facebook, in the second drop-down select the option Facebook Lead Form Submitted. This rule will trigger on every single lead form ad you have created, to narrow it down to one form select Add Filter> In Form> select your lead form in the new dialogue box.

2nd  Rule: What action should we perform?

You can trigger MCM CRM to perform multiple actions. The first action recommended is to select Add/ Update Opportunity> Select a Pipeline> Type Opportunity Source> Lead Name> Lead Value.

The second action in the sequence will be to choose the option Add to Campaign, select the published campaign previously created.

The third action will be to Add Tag, write down the tag name for leads in this campaign.

You can add multiple action steps from the list of filters MCM CRM should perform. For instance, you add another action step to have the system send you or any of your team members an SMS or email notification when you have acquired a new lead through your campaign.

To launch the trigger, convert it from Draft to Active and then click Save.


Test Trigger

Go to Facebook Lead Ad Testing Tool, this allows you to test your lead form by entering your own information. Select the same lead form you have established a trigger for on MCM CRM. Enter your verified information by clicking on Preview Form > Input Information> Submit. If the trigger was successful you should see updates under your Opportunities, Pipeline Stage and Contact Tab.

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